Salam all,

In my previous post I have mentioned the new Tarshiha Network, which is a social network.  For those who have never seen or worked with social networks like myspace, facebook, or Hi5, a social network is just a website where every member has a page about himself.  Thru that page he/she connects to other friends, and thru his/her friends’ pages connect to other friends.  So its a great way to meet people and that’s why I started one for Tarshiha, so we can all connect to it.

S o once you become a member, INVITE other Tarshihani’s to join.  That;s how it becomes bigger and hopefully every Tarshihani with an internet access will join and we can have  our own town meetings on the net.  The network has a forum, picture section, video section and a blog.

I urge you to join and participate.




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