Update your bookmarks…


Sometimes next weekend I will be moving the domain name Tarshiha.net to  represent Tarshiha Network rather than this blog.

As you know, you are required to register to participate in Tarshiha Network.  I highly encourage you to do so, if you haven’t already.  The registartion will give us more privacy as it is open to Tarshihani’s only.

If you don;t wish to become part of the new Network, you can still get your public Tarshiha annoucments thru this blog at the address https://tarshiha.wordpress.com

So update your bookmarks and join us at Tarshiha Network.


إبتداءا من الأسبوع المقبل, سوف يتم نقل العنوان الحالي الى شبكة ترشيحا بدلا من متصفحة ترشيحا.  يرجى الاشتراك بالشبكة, و اذا لم ترغب بالاشتراك يمكنك الاستمرار بقراءة أخبار ترشيحا من هذه المتصفحة على العنوان الجديد https://tarshiha.wordpress.com


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