In 1948, the population of Tarshiha reached approximately 6,000. The occupation of Palestine stopped the town of Tarshiha from being upgraded to the status of a city after it has fulfilled all the requirements.

During the Ottoman Empire Tarshiha followed the Sunjoq (county) of Acre. During the British occupation it followed the Galilee county.

The administration of Tarshiha consisted of:

City Council:

The city council consisted of 10 members plus the president. They were responsible for the town's wellbeing, ruling the city, and communications with the government.

The council president was elected democratically by the town's adult males in which the one with the majority of the votes wins. Five presidents have rules the city council from 1922 to the Isareli occupation in 1948, listed cronogically, they are:

  1. Kamel Al-Qadi.
  2. Hussein Sarhan.
  3. Ahmad Mustafa.
  4. Abdel-Qader Sarhan.
  5. Taqey Eddine Ahmad Agha.

Kamel Fahed Shreih held the position of the secretary, while Nayef Arar was the correspondent and spokesman.

The membership for the city council was divided according to the following:

  1. 3 form Al-Hamoleh Family.
  2. 2 from Al-Khairat Family.
  3. 1 each for Kablaoui Family, Shrieh Family, and Al-Geishi Family.
  4. 2 members representing the Christians, 1 for the Catholic and 1 for the Roman Orthodox.

The Esquires:

The esquires, or the elders, of Tarshiha represent the social authority and are the representatives of the town. There were three esquires in Tarshiha. They were respected and listened to by the people of Tarshiha. They moderated and peacefully resolved social problems, as well as, kept records of birth, death, and the census.

From Tarshiha's esquires:

  1. Rakad Saleh Kablaoui: deid before 1948. He was forced by the Britich government to resign and handed the honor to his cousine Shafeeq Al-Mahmoud.

  2. Shafeeq Al-Mahmoud.

  3. Fahed Shreih.

  4. Elias Bsharah.
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