The town of Tarshiha is located in the mountains of the Western Galilee of Palestine. It is located 20 Km to the south of the Lebanese border, 27 Km to the north-east of Acre (AKKA), and 18 Km east of the Mediterranean. The land owned by Tarshiha's residents extends form the village of Um Al-Faraj on the highway between Acre and Ras Al-Naqora and continues north to the Village of Al-Zeeb. From there, the land of Tarshiha extends east to the Village of Al-Basah and continues on the outskirts of the northern road of Palestine passing the Forests of Fassuta and Deir El-Qassi and the prairie of Suhmata to the south until it reaches the Forests that separates it from the the lands of Kafr- Samee'a and Kesrah. Furthermore, the land extends to the west to the Valley of Yanouh, the Castle of Jedeen, to the Village of Al-Nahr and back to to Um Al-Farj. This land is estimated to be about 60 thousand Donom (Donom = 1000 sq. meter) and includes the Villages of Al-Kabry and Ma'alaya.

The residential area of Tarshiha lies 500 meters above the sea level on the Mountain of Sheikh Ali Abu Asa'ad sloping from the east to the west. It covers an area of about 1 sq. Km.

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